Graduate School of Curriculum and Instruction


   Our department was established in August 1996 and started accepting master’s degree students in 1997. It was the first graduate school of curriculum and instruction in Taiwan. In September 2001, we were granted the permission from the Ministry of Education to begin our doctorial program.


Our main mission is to produce researchers and educational practitioners in the fields of curriculum design, teaching methods and assessment. Also, we want to prepare each of our students to be an educator in leadership and management level. Our research focus includes all compulsory education in different levels, educational theory, curriculum development, curriculum reform, teaching method, studying assessment, educator’s professional development, etc.

iSpecial characteristics in development:

1.Emphasize on the practice and fundamental theory research of curriculum and instruction.

2.Endeavor to blend the theory and practice together, assist to improve the development of school curriculum, and continue to develop educators’ instruction and professional knowledge.

3.Broaden our vision in curriculum and instruction areas by strengthening our academic relationship with overseas universities.


Our department has three educational goals: First, to develop students’ professional knowledge of curriculum and instruction; second, to challenge students’ analytical ability; third, to upgrade Taiwan’s academic level and encourage the studies of curriculum and instruction


 The department currently offers four programs:

   iDaytime master degree program,

   iDaytime Doctorial program

   iNighttime master degree program

   iNighttime Educational Leadership and Management master degree program


1.Doctorial Program / Ph.D.

a. Emphasize the curriculum and instructing research within the theoretical basis of philosophy, sociology, psychology, and etc.

b. Strengthen research methods in theoretical basis and empirical exploring ability.

c. Deepen the understanding for the most important issues in the curriculum and instructional research

 2.Master Degree

The intent of curriculum planning is to combine educational theory with practice and to follow the guideline below:

a. Collaborate the objective of an educator’s profession and lifelong development, the department will regard each educator as a researcher for our curricular design

b. Combine contemporary curriculum trends with policy issues

c. Strengthen research methods and theory basis

 3.Master Degree In Educational Leadership And Management (In-Service Program)


a.  Emphasize both theory and practice, and develop the skills of modernized curriculum leadership and management

b.  Increase the career growth for a curriculum leader and manager


In relation to our resources, we also collaborate with faculty from other departments to provide their expertise for our graduates’ professional interest in contemporary curriculum trends and issue.  Our course structure constituted with five major contents: curriculum and the basic teaching, basic curricular theory, research methodology, curricular research fields, and curriculum in educational research fields.

iGraduate Course Structure and Course List


iDoctoral Course Structure and Course List


The common length to complete a Master degree of Education in Curriculum and Instruction is about two to four years, requiring 32 credit hours. Each candidate must complete their “directed research curriculum” to apply their proposal examination and to finish their thesis for the master’s degree. As for graduation, each candidate needs to meet the department’s degree plan and other diplomatic policies, such as participating academic activities, publishing their thesis, and etc.

The mission for our doctorial program is to producing educational management professions in Curriculum and Instruction with high quality. The average completion length for each Ph.D. candidate is about three to seven year, requiring 32 credit hours. Students are required to pass their qualification and proposal exams prior to become a Ph.D. candidate. After dissertation, a candidate will be granted to Ph. D. degree inCurriculum and Instruction.


Graduates could either get the teacher certification and continue their career as teacher, or be in the institutional equipment business and other related fields. Another possibility for our graduates is to be a researcher in domestic or international institutions.


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